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    Default Advice on getting my product off the ground

    Hi all,

    I have just released another product which is different to anything I have done before.

    I need some advice on how I should market it and build traffic. I already have PPC campaigns...

    Wordpress Auto Affiliate Plugin Wordpress Auto Affiliate Plugin


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    Default Re: Advice on getting my product off the ground

    You created this plugin?

    First off, your sales page, I'd recommend emulating this sales page very closely: Split Test Wordpress Plugin

    I plan on purchasing the above plugin in a couple days.

    I wish you talked in your video to help explain the plugin rather then just having music.

    PPC is a good start.. I'd suggest bettering the sales page a little more and pushing it where affiliates hang out, large forums for one. If you can create a seller thread in for example the Warrior Forum, then you'll get a BUNCH of eye balls on your plugin quickly.

    I'd also suggest YouTube, explaining your product better and ranking for your money keyword. Most likely 'wordpress affiliate plugin' or something similar. Use YTViews and other SEO tactics to boost your video in the rankings.

    There is lots you can do.. and your product is evergreen.. I like it!

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